Together we’re stronger: Marketplace presents three new collaborations
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Together we’re stronger: Marketplace presents three new collaborations

Marketplace is proud to present three new collaborations that have taken shape during the summer. Together, they will increase both the visibility and availability of safer chemical alternatives on the market.

Requests for safer alternatives in the textile industry
Already last month, the collaboration between ChemSec and ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) – which will see the latter list requests on Marketplace – was announced to the public.

ZDHC’s requests will focus on finding safer alternatives to substances that are currently on the ZDHC MRSL Candidate List. This list contains harmful chemicals used in the textile industry that, at the moment, lack safer alternatives.

The new partnership will help the textile industry find safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals, and should be seen as an innovation opportunity for alternatives producers.

“This should be seen as an innovation opportunity for alternatives producers”

“The two tools complement each other very well. The ZDHC MRSL is one of the most comprehensive lists within the manufacturing industry and Marketplace showcases safer alternatives to these chemicals. Together we can keep driving supply chains towards sustainability and better chemicals management”, said Dr. Jonatan Kleimark, Marketplace Project Manager at ChemSec, when the collaboration was announced.

Access Marketplace through a smartphone app
Marketplace will also team up with GoBlu and its application The BHive, which helps companies scan textile chemicals and develop full chemical inventories, creating a new and unique kind of transparency in the global textile supply chain.

The BHive app allows manufacturers to gather information about the chemicals they use by using their smartphones. In a matter of seconds, they can see sustainability requirements of many brands and identify which products meet these criteria.

All companies using the BHive app will now have access to Marketplace and find safer alternatives directly through the app.

“Knowledge of alternatives’ chemical properties is imperative to avoid regrettable substitution”

“The BHive tool allows companies to understand whether their products meet certain sustainability requirements and if they don’t, the natural step is to look for alternative products and chemicals that meet those requirements. Therefore, having Marketplace integrated in The BHive creates a huge opportunity for companies that wish to move away from hazardous chemicals”, says Dr. Kleimark.

Full chemical hazard assessments of alternatives
The third new partnership is with ChemForward. ChemForward provides full chemical hazard assessments of alternatives to hazardous chemicals and, in many ways, compliments Marketplace’s focus of displaying available alternatives.

The aim with this new collaboration is to connect Marketplace’s users to full chemical hazard assessments of alternatives and vice versa, to link ChemForward’s assessments to Marketplace ads.

“We see great potential in aligning the work of Marketplace and ChemForward. Increased knowledge of the chemical properties of alternatives is imperative to avoid regrettable substitution and simplify the substitution process”, says Dr. Kleimark.