Natural, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Dyeing


Natural Dyeing of Fibres, Yarns & Fabrics and creating Garments using styles like Batik, Shibori, Weaving, Embroidery, etc.


The Colors of Nature (TCON)

TCON is a commercial unit of Auroville that works with eco-friendly natural dyes and organic clothing. Established in 1993, by Jesus Ciriza Larraona, our primary focus is on indigo fermentation that yields one of the few truly natural indigo dyes. Apart from natural indigo, we have mastered a full range of lightfast colours including yellow (Marigold flower) and red (Rubia cordifolia), and we have built on traditional Indian knowledge of dyes using myrobalan, alum, wood ash and dye extracts. At The Colours of Nature we don’t use chromium or synthetic alizarin. For indigo, we don’t use hydrosulphite, a hazardous pollutant that may leach on to the wearer’s skin. Eco-friendly and Sustainable we strive for our planets wellbeing by ensuring that we reuse all of the water by products.

The Colours of Nature
The Colours of Nature
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Jesus Ciriza

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