Frequently asked questions

Q: What is regarded as an alternative?

A: All solutions to hazardous chemicals are welcome: chemical substitutes as well as new technical solutions that negate the use of a hazardous substances altogether.

Q: Who can advertise on the Marketplace?

A: All companies that offer solutions that can be used to replace hazardous chemicals. As a downstream user, or buyer of alternatives you can also post “requests”.

Q: What should I do if I find an interesting alternative?

A: For each ad you can find contact details for the advertising company. You will need to make contact with the company yourself to continue the discussion. Marketplace only provides a platform for contact and for displaying the products available on the market. No transactions will take place on Marketplace.

Q: What should I do if I do not find an interesting alternative?

A: You can formulate a request on Marketplace, so that companies offering solutions can contact you directly. You can also choose to be anonymous and if so ChemSec will forward any responses to your request to you.

Q: How does ChemSec make sure that advertised chemicals are not in fact hazardous?

A: Those companies that advertise on Marketplace are individually responsible for providing correct information. ChemSec will moderate the site and remove ads that obviously do not fulfil the criteria, but it is beyond the scope of Marketplace to carefully investigate all alternatives. Prospective buyers are recommended to request documentation to back any claims made on Marketplace. ChemSec also intends to introduce a reporting system in the future that will allow users to alert the moderators about any non-compliant ads.

Q: What does it cost to advertise?

A: At this stage: nothing. This might change in the future. However, we will not charge for ads retroactively. This means that ads that are created now will always be free.

Q: How many ads can I post?

A: As many as you wish – one for each alternative product. There will be obvious exceptions. Let’s say you produce a textile dye that comes in a hundred different colours, but the content is essentially the same. This should only be advertised in one ad, to avoid “spamming” of the website. If you mention all possible colour variations in the ad it will still be searchable by the users.

Q: How are Marketplace and ChemSec financed?

A: ChemSec is a non-profit NGO. About half of its funds come from the Swedish government, the other half from various grant-making foundations.

Q: Does Marketplace consider other environmental issues besides hazardous chemicals?

A: The focus and the starting point of Marketplace are solutions to replace hazardous chemicals. However, any additional information provided in the ads about other types of environmental benefits of the specific product may be of interest to a potential buyer and is encouraged.

Q: How do I advertise at Marketplace?

A: First you create a login, using the large green button in the top right corner. Once you have an account you can start to submit ads or requests.

Q: What information is required in an ad for alternatives:

A: First you need to tick a box that your alternative complies with the terms and conditions. Then you can add further information including a heading, summary, description, and which substance the alternative can replace. To make it easier for users to search for ads you are also recommended to fill in information on the Material Article Category, Sector of Use, Technical Function, legal requirements and third-party labels. The first three categories use similar descriptors as OECD and ECHA.