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miDori® evoPel – state of the art durable water repellent “DWR”

miDori® evoPel is a state of the art water repellent, “DWR”, for textile fabrics and garments with excellent durability to home laundry. It works on cotton, synthetics and blends to protect fabrics and garments from rain and water based stains. It is PFOS and PFOA free. Therefore providing an alternative to so called PFC based stain repellent products. It is partially based on plant seed oils and is a USDA certified bio based product. ​

miDori® bioWick – plant seed oil based wicking finish for textiles

miDori® bioWick is a plant seed oil based finishing agent for textiles. It helps the fabric to absorb sweat, wick moisture away and dry faster. Compared to standard crude oil based wicking finishes it has a significantly, up to 8 times, lower carbon footprint. It is highly biodegradable ( Zahn/Wellens Test), a USDA certified bio based product and all of its components, on a CAS number level, underwent a so called Greenscreen for safer chemicals. ​

Non-fluorinated, bio-based, durable water repellent finish also repels most household stains - Zelan™ R3 finish

Zelan™ R3 / Teflon EcoElite™ finish is the first renewably sourced, non-fluorinated repellent finish with the following benefits: • Up to three times more durable than original non-fluorinated repellents • Contains 60 percent renewably sourced raw materials (ASTM D6866-12) and is recognized as a USDA certified biobased product • bluesign® approved, meeting the strict ecological and toxicological requirements of the bluesign® criteria • GOTS approved input finishing chemical

miDori® bioSoft – outstanding softness for cotton and cotton blend based textiles

miDori® bioSoft is a plant seed oil based softener for textiles. It provides an outstanding soft hand for cotton and cotton blend fabrics and garments. ​It is a USDA certified bio based product and all of its components, on a CAS number level, underwent a so called Greenscreen for safer chemicals.

Realan Black MF-PV - A quantum leap in the dyeing of black on wool

In response to increasing ecological pressure on mordant dyes for wool, DyStar have introduced a new patented Realan Black MF-PV dyestuff.

Levafix ECO - Reactive dye range free of p-CA or other regulatory controlled amines

A new range of reactive dyes based on chemistry which is free of p-CA and other regulatory amines. The new dyes have enhanced fastness properties leading to improved sustainability of the textile end product.

EonCoat CR – Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel

EonCoat CR, permanently protects Carbon Steel from corrosion. A 2-component ceramic coating forms an amorf alloy of phosphate-glass on carbon steel, that's impermeable for oxygen and humidity. Therefore the steel can't corrode. The ceramic shell protects against impact and abrasion.

HyperDRY™ Fluorocarbon Free Water Resistant Down Insulation

ALLIED Feather & Down's HyperDRY water resistant down is treated with a unique Fluorocarbon Free treatment that adheres to the down cluster that allows down to retain its superior warmth to weight ratio - even when wet. 

valPure® V70 - the first next generation coating technology with epoxy-like performance

valPure V70 is a breakthrough non-BPA technology for light metal packaging for food and beverage manufacturers looking for safety without compromise. It’s been proven non-endocrine active by independent laboratories and approved by regulatory agencies. It is the first next generation solution which delivers industry standard epoxy-like performance.

Biodegradable Loose Fill – FARMfill

FARMfill is a loose fill that alternates the traditional loose fill produced from expanded polystyrene. This product is made completely from corn and contains no petroleum based ingredients.

Fully porous fluorine free functional membrane

We offer a patented platform technology to produce fully porous, waterproof and highly breathable membranes. Our final membranes are a two phase composite of the chosen polymer and stearic acid, a naturally occuring fatty acid. The process allows recycling of all used solvents and only uses a hard salt template and any acid for pore forming.


Binders are used to improve the mechanical properties of nonwoven and woven textiles, such as dimensional stability, stiffness and tensile strength. Conventional binders are predominantly made of petroleum-based substances (e.g. acrylics), even though the fibers may be entirely from renewable cellulose.

GrüneTinte - Green industrial inks from renewable resources

GrüneTinte®, our green inks from renewable resources are not only products. Furthermore they are a project of continuous improvements in green and safe technologies for nearly all coding, marking and printing applications. Whether you are marking plastic foils, metals, glass or other different packaging material, GrüneTinte® is exactly the right product from renewable resources for your ink application.