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– a website where buyers and sellers of alternatives to hazardous chemicals can interact.

Companies in many different industries – electronics, construction, textiles and so on – handle chemicals in some way, either as a raw material or as a component of a product. While most chemicals are safe, many chemicals that are commonly used in the manufacture of products also have problematic properties.

In recent years there has been a drive by companies to substitute the hazardous chemicals in their products and supply chains with safer alternatives. Sadly, however, these alternatives are often hard to find.

The idea behind Marketplace is to achieve two goals: to provide a unique marketing opportunity for producers of safer alternatives, and to become a one-stop shop for downstream user companies looking to substitute hazardous chemicals in their products.

Do you want to replace a chemical that is harmful to health or the environment with a better solution?

Search our database and filter for chemical functions, relevant industry or a specific hazardous chemical that you are looking for safer alternatives to.