G2 and E-flow - bleaching jeans without chemicals


G2: Washed by the atmosphere. G2 is the latest and most eco efficient ozone textile technology, the result of 15 years of constant innovation in the garment finishing industry.

e-flow: e-Flow technology is the sustainable textile solution to transfer chemicals onto garments made of any fabric.


G2: The x-arc generator, produced by the company to be the optimal match for the G2, takes air from the atmosphere and transforms it into ozone, liberating the particles inside the tumbler to produce results such as the elimination of indigo dye excess or the reproduction of the bleaching effect to give garments the real look of outdoor usage. All of this is accomplished in a zero discharge process without water or chemicals and with a considerable reduction in the steps required to produce denim and knits. That is why G2 is the only technology certified as ecological and safe by an independent laboratory. 

e-flow: Conventionally water is used as the carrier and, at the end of every cycle, that water, still brimming with chemical products, goes to waste. Jeanologia™s disruptive solution has been to create a new system in which air from the atmosphere is transformed into nanobubbles where water and just the right quantity of chemical products naturally distribute themselves forming the nanobubble skin. They become the carriers of the chemical products and transmit them homogeneously onto the garment. e-Flow technology can accomplish a considerable number of finishing effects with the highest quality, a minimal amount of water and zero discharge. This is why e-Flow technology is the only one certified as ecological by an independent laboratory.

Possible replacement to

Conventional bleaching.

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