Fluorine-free HDF™


This is your opportunity to incorporate a completely green, fluorine-free solution that is permanent and will outperform every other DWR on the market while simultaneously improving the health of the planet.


The GTT Dry Finishing Technology consists of only 2 steps. At GTT, they design and sell the premixed chemical formulation designed for plasma or thermal curing. 

Step 1: Chemical application 

The ChemStik® formulation contains a complete finishing chemistry package: monomers, cross-linkers, adhesion agents, and optional additional attribute components, such as anti-microbial or UV-absorbing, plus the trigger required to start polymerization and permanently bond the polymer to your fabric when it is thermally cured. Plus, it is environmentally-safe, produces very little waste and is cost competitive with your current wet finishing process. Liquid coating (water-free) of the roll goods, finished apparel or footwear is the first step. 

Step 2: Thermal curing 

After fabric or footwear coating, next the treated roll goods, fully-finished apparel or footwear, are thermally cured. Exposure to heat releases free radicals from the polymerization initiator that is added to the ChemStik formula, triggering the polymerization process. The crosslinkers also bond the polymer to the fabric through a free radical polymerization process. One of the simplest approaches to polymerizing an applied chemical treatment (often called "curing") is done just by heating the fabric. For this the ChemStik® treatment has a thermally-triggered polymerization initiator. The initiator decomposes at a set temperature, releasing free radicals, which initiate monomer and crosslinker polymerization. Different ChemStik formulations are typically used for different finishing treatments, and, in some cases, for different fabrics. Only several seconds of heat treatment is needed to trigger polymerization. At GTT, the chemical mixture will be provided, the hardware and a process recipe that includes how much thermal curing is required and what temperature is required for finishing treatment requirement. This makes the transition to dry finishing painless and inexpensive.

Possible replacement to

Fluorine containing DWRs.

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