Kieserol KF13 BIO: Biological detergent for cleaning tables / parts cleaner


Kieserol KF13 BIO parts cleaner is a non-hazardous product made from biodegradable detergent and a mixture of special microorganisms.


Cleaning tables/ parts cleaner

This product is a product specially developed for cleaning tables/parts cleaner, which is used for the immediate degreasing and degreasing of metal and plastic parts. The unique bioactive formula contains special bacterial strains. It contains less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional vanity cleaners.


Kitchen ventilation ceilings / extractor hoods

The product is also successfully used in the cleaning of kitchen ventilation hoods / hoods.


Kieserol KF13 BIO parts cleaner is non-flammable, low-foaming and contains corrosion protection. It is safe and non-toxic. Removes volatile organic compounds and replaces the oil separator. In addition, the cultures are not genetically engineered.

Please aks for safety data sheet.



Kieserol KF13 BIO parts cleaner is a concentrate. It is used diluted 1:4 with water.

By breaking down the microorganisms a long and consistent high cleaning performance is achieved.


To regenerate the solution on the cleaning table with new microorganisms, add 5 L Kieserol KF13 BIO parts cleaner concentrate monthly. For heavily soiled parts, the dosage can be increased.


When cleaning kitchen ventilation ceilings / extractor hoods, use a concentration of 1:4 up to 1:10. Apply / spray on the affected area. The bacteria could only work if they are not rinsed off.


Kieserol KF13 BIO parts cleaner corresponds to:

  • European regulations and standards
  • ISO 14001 (environmental management and standards)
  • the latest environmental regulations

Possible replacement to

parts cleaner, acetone, solvents

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