Elevance Clean 1200


Boost the performance of your cleaning formulations by rapidly penetrating your most challenging soils. Market Applications include: 

  • Metal Cleaning
  • Industrial and Institutional Degreasing
  • Transportation
  • On-shore and Off-shore Degreasing
  • Industrial Food Processing


Elevance Clean® 1200 is a superior-performing degreasing and VOC-exempt cleaning ingredient that outperforms traditional and bio-based solvents and surfactants.

It’s suitable for a wide range of industrial degreasing applications, including heavy manufacturing, transportation maintenance and repair operations (MRO), on-shore and off-shore degreasing, metal cleaning, and industrial food processing. This innovative, bio-based solution can be used in a broad range of aqueous and organic-based systems while being used in neutral pH (6-9) formulations.

Possible replacement to

Traditional and bio-based solvents and surfactants such as Aromatic 150, d-Limonene and Methyl Soyate.

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Elevance Renewable Sciences
Elevance Renewable Sciences
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