100+ types of safe and green solvents


InKemia Green Chemicalspresents its Green Solvents Toolbox, a set of 100+ organic solvents characterized by a benign environmental, health and safety profile.

The selection of solvents, a subset of the company’s larger database, follows design principles that maximize the chances of success during solvent screening campaigns.


The InKemia Green Solvents Toolbox has been developed by a team of researchers specialized in the application of green solvents in complex systems and applications where the best balance between outstanding performance, safety and cost is demanded.

Find the solvent solution that best matches your functional requirements to enhance the performance of your process or product. Achieve your functional goal without sacrificing sustainability objectives.

InKemia Green Chemicals can help you to save time and money. Partner with us to explore wide sections of chemical space through accessing cost-effective High Throughput Testing and innovative theoretical methods that avoid ineffective trial and error approaches.

Solvent substitution examples include the replacement of DMF, aromatic hydrocarbons, and silicon-based solvents in a variety of formulations. Other examples include alternative solutions to undesired cleaning solvents.

The InKemia Green Solvents Toolbox combines readily available solvents, which are known to be negligible or low hazard according to the Global Harmonized System of classification of chemicals and the Column Model, with innovative chemicals for which there is experimental and/or predictive evidence of being classified in the low hazard levels.

Link to website: http://www.inkemiagreenchemicals.com

Link to catalogue: https://shop.inkemiagreenchemicals.com/collections/index

Possible replacement to

Toxic solvents.

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