Ulterion® Paper Coatings


Ulterion coatings offer sustainable solutions for all kinds of paper and packaging applications, using recycled, renewable and recyclable raw materials. Ulterion created fully repulpable and recyclable functional coatings that replace all of those coatings that simply aren’t good for the planet or for our health. Ulterion papered over those old and detrimental coatings such as fluorochemicals, wax, silicone and styrene, and replaced them with products that are following our mantra of, “Taking green farther.”

  • Ulterion® Cup and liquid container coatings
  • Ulterion® Food carton coatings
  • Ulterion® Flexible paper coatings
  • Ulterion® Paper making products

Possible replacement to

PFAS-based paper solutions.

Jain Chem, Ltd
Jain Chem, Ltd
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Jain Chem, Ltd

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