Sustainable Supercapacitors for IoT devices


By 2025, an estimated 27 billion IoT devices will be connected to the internet, requiring power sources such as batteries. As a consequence, around 80 million batteries from IoT devices are projected to be discarded daily that year. A significant proportion of these batteries pose risks to both humans and the environment due to their harmful materials.

That is why we have developed a more sustainable supercapacitor for the IoT market, where the technology cooperates with nature and does not involve difficult-to-handle battery scrap.


Introducing S-Power 2S

The 2S reduces its dimensions and weight while achieving a remarkable 100% increase in overall performance compared to its predecessor, all without compromising its dedication to sustainability. Just like its forerunner, the 2S continues to utilize forest-derived materials, offering an even more efficient and environmentally conscious energy storage solution.

  • Made from bio-based materials, minimizing harm to the environment during its full lifetime
  • Enabling efficient and modern product designs
  • Produced in a roll-to-roll method for highly automated and stable volume production
  • Not toxic or flammable, for people and environment alike
  • Easily disposed of at end-of-life, with or without recycling

Possible replacement to

Fluorinated substances in supercapacitors

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