PFAS-free back sheets for solar panels


Innovative material solutions for solar panel manufacturers.

With a long heritage in polymer science and co-extrusion, we support the solar industry with a growing family of high-performance co-extruded backsheets (where we are now the global market leader); along with conductive backsheets, specialty films, strips and sheets for a wide range of solar modules.

Our backsheets are fully recyclable and fluorine-free. They not only lower your carbon footprint, but also reduce your module’s end-of-life cost, thus helping you contribute to a more circular solar industry.

  • Endurans® HP : High performanceco-extruded backsheet

    Featuring the strongest core layer in the industry, it’s the most durable PV backsheet on the market today – delivering long-term protection against moisture, mechanical stress, sand abrasion and UV. Endurans® HP is based on proven high-performance polyolefin (HPO) material and process technology that maximizes your module performance while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Endurans® CB : Conductive backsheet for back-contact modules

    Our Conductive backsheet solves a long-standing problem for the solar industry by bringing efficiency and cost-effectiveness to aesthetically pleasing high-power density back-contact modules.

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Solar panel back sheets containing fluorinated compounds

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