Nanooki textile & Nanooki Leather - Free from PFC, PFOA, PFAS

  • Nanooki - stain protection free from PFC, PFOA, PFAS. 
  • Denim Leather coloured with natural dyes.


The advanced eco compatible stain protection for leather and textile. No PFOA. NO PFC. NO PFAS. 

Nanooki Textile: 

  • Aqueous solution based on silicon dioxide (SiO2) 

Nanooki Leather: 

  • Alcohol Mixture based on silicon dioxide (SIO2).
  • Non-toxic mixture, no danger for the user. 
  • Compatible with human mucosa and dermis. 
  • No environmental impact.
  • Not harmful to the environment and 100% biocompatible.
  • Biocompatible and food-safe. Compliance with DIN EN ISO 10993 (1-12)

Denim leather:

Super trendy leather that can offer the aesthetic vintage aspect of aged jeans that fades with every wash It starts from a base of cattle, sheep, goats and crossed leather, tanned wet white or wet blue (for example Hydroki® with natural ford dye and therefore fully certified) or finished with a vegetable-colored base. Denim Leather by Smart Materials behaves exactly like denim fabric therefore it offers an increasingly délavé look with every wash. Denim Leather by Smart Materials can be washed at different temperatures based on the choice of base leather (Washoki® or Hydroki®). But you can get a fake denim leather that does not discolor. 

Denim Leather by Smart Materials is like a cloth that comes to life and is adapted with different possible surfaces for this exclusive and unique product. The rediscovery of vegetable colors, especially Guado, represents the color, the true, pure, extracted from the best official coloring plants selected from ancient Italian crops. The characteristics of Guado blue are the high brightness and reflection of the light, the warm and relaxing chromatic aspect that transmits, to touch, lively and exciting sensations. 

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