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Kalion produces very high-purity chemicals that use the power of nature.


Companies are using Kalion high-purity glucaric acid to discover the full power of this unique chemical. Kalion is also able to leverage the high purity to provide glucaric acid in a wider range of forms to maximize its benefits. Kalion also provide high-purity versions of a closely related molecule called glucuronic acid.

Glucaric acid is a powerful corrosion inhibitor and can be used in a wide variety of applications where water contacts metal surfaces. Formulators have found value in using glucaric acid in diverse products from household cleaning to concrete admixtures to cooling tower treatment programs. Of course, for many years researchers have considered glucaric acid as a substitute for phosphates and chelating agents in detergents and waste treatment applications. Using high-purity glucaric acid allows you to balance your cost-performance equation or meet your cost-in-use requirements.

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Fossil based building blocks.

Kalion, Inc.
Kalion, Inc.
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Kalion, Inc.

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