NatSurFact All Natural BioSurfactant


NatSurFact™ is a novel, sulfate- and phosphate-free line of biosurfactants that outperforms petroleum-based conventional surfactants in a variety of commercial applications.  All natural, with low eco-toxicity, low irritation, and readily biodegradable, NatSurFact™ is based on biosynthesized rhamnolipids. With orders of magnitude lower critical micelle concentrations than industry standard ingredients, NatSurFact™ is a more cost-effective ingredient for industries ranging from personal care and household cleaners to agriculture and manufacturing.


NatSurFact's™ end-to-end process uses vegetable oil as the input, ferments it into rhamnolipids, and then isolates and concentrates the rhamnolipids. NatSurFact™ forms a dense, stable foam with better longevity than industry-standard surfactants at orders of magnitude lower concentrations. This means that small amounts of NatSurFact™ can be added to existing surfactant systems, producing products with equal or greater detergent power. NatSurFact™ also acts as a foam density booster, reducing product cost and environmental damage by releasing far fewer ingredients into the environment during rinse cycles.

Key Features:

  • Sulfate- and phosphate-free surfactant
  • Low eco toxicity and readily biodegradable.
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach.
  • Orders of magnitude lower Critical Micelle Concentrations (CMCs).
  • Wide range of application possibilities.

Possible replacement to

NatSurFact™ Rhamnolipids can be used to replace conventional surfactants, many of which are petroleum derived, in a wide variety of processes, products, and industries beyond the personal care and cleaning industries.

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