Biodegradable and effective chelating agent from Nouryon


Dissolvine® GL is a high-performing chelating agent produced from monosodium L-glutamic acid (MSG) which is a biobased naturally occurring amino acid.

Readily biodegradable and offers a high solubility over a wide pH range without sensitizing human skin.

Dissolvine® GL meets the requirement as a safer chemical by the U.S. EPA’s Design for the Environment program and CleanGredients as well as being recognized as safe by numerous international institutions.


Dissolvine® GL is a shining example of a sustainable, innovative material that can add value to your product. It offers added value from an economic and ecological perspective and should therefore be considered a cost effective, safe and greener chelating product.

Dissolvine® GL is a strong chelate for hard water metal ions (like Ca2+) and cleaning formulations containing it benefit from enhanced water softening, cleaning and stability.

The chelating agent is glutamic acid diacetic acid, tetra sodium salt (GLDA-Na4). GLDA has four carboxylic acid groups and combined with a centralized nitrogen atom these carboxylate groups provide strong multiple bonds with di- and trivalent metals ions.

Dissolvine® GL has excellent low toxicity and low ecotox profiles and does not require danger- ous labeling.

Possible replacement to

Classical aminopolycarboxylates.

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Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.39.11.png

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