Sustainable raw materials and ingredients for personal care products


The Beauty of Sustainability Starts Here

Clean beauty means elegance in every respect: from the selection of sustainable raw materials, to the design and use of high-functionality and high-performing ingredients, and the benign reintegration into the biosphere post-use. This philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in P2’s Citropol® technology.


Personal Care Citropol® Series

  • Citrolatum® B is a 100% biorenewable, biodegradable, and biocompatible cosmetic semi-solid. It is 100% derived from sustainable feedstocks and is a viable natural alternative to petrolatum. Citrolatum® B imparts a creamy, smooth feel in personal care and cosmetics formulations, and can easily modify rheology of medium and high viscosity formulations.
  • CitroVisc® 1000 is an all-natural silicone-like ingredient for personal care and cosmetics use. It is the first in a revolutionary line of medium-high MW cosmetic fluids that are made 100% from plant origin. CitroVisc® 1000 adds slip and glide, reduces tackiness, and provides a rich, shiny finish in cosmetic applications.
  • CitroButter™ S is a rich and versatile butter made from 100% natural and naturally-derived ingredients that has numerous benefits to skin and hair. It offers protection and hydration for the skin by creating a protective layer that prevents dryness and retains moisture. It provides great spreadability and has a soft and light after feel that is silky and non-greasy.

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Alternatives to petrolatum and 1000 cPs silicones