PFAS-free, ion-selective membrane for clean energy storage


Cellfion’s membrane solution is an innovative use of an abundant and renewable resource, nanocellulose derived from wood. The PFAS-free membranes are prepared through a clean fabrication process and exhibit properties such as:

  • Ion-conductivity
  • Liquid and Gas barrier
  • Tunable properties
  • Non-toxic handling and biodegradable, PFAS-free


Made from cellulose, the most abundant biopolymer on the planet and through a clean fabrication process we can provide a sustainable membrane free from PFAS.

Through modifications and treatments we can adapt features of the membrane, such as ion-conductivity, swelling ratios and mechanical integrity, to fit specific applications.

Our technology has the ability of producing high-quality membranes with a large surface area, suitable for various applications as a dispersion or membrane with the use of a reliable and low volatility raw material.

Possible replacement to

Cation exchange membranes with fluorinated chemicals or fluorpolymers