Plant based Biodegradable Plastic


The plastic pollution is getting severe in the world and especially microplastic problem in the marine environment. There is some scientific evidence that these microplastics are already in our human body, which comes from our surrounding environment. Therefore, plastic recycling, reduction of plastic usage itself and biodegradable plastic usage and development, have been intensively attempted and carried out.

In this regard, Green Science Alliance has successfully made plant based biodegradable plastic. Some grades are composed of 100 % nature derived materials. Wood, wood waste, bamboo and any kind of plant fibers are used as raw material and PLA (poly lactic acid) as binder/polymer. By using this material, recycling is promoted. Green Science Alliance is trying to create biodegradable material as harmless as possible to the environment.


Green Science Alliance will keep trying to increase mechanical strength. They will measure other mechanical strength and other thermal properties. Furthermore, Green Science Alliance will also test biodegradability in the soil and ocean in order to obtain biodegradable certificate from Japan and USA, Europe.

GS BP Plant.jpg
GS BP Plant.jpg
Green Science Alliance
Green Science Alliance
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