ECOfree 2 - denim ozone treatment


The ECOfree 2 system allows you to treat your garments with ozone both in water and in air. Thanks to adopting cold plasma generators Tonello are also able to obtain higher concentrations of ozone with lower oxygen and electrical energy consumption compared with traditional systems.


With the launch of ECOfree, in 2013, Tonello takes denim ozone treatment to the next level. 2017: four years later, Tonello comes back to revolutionise the market with the latest evolution of its most avant-garde technology, even more efficient and higher performing. An ecological process: lower consumption of electricity and water; shorter processing times; purification costs reduced to a minimum; absolute safety for the operator and for the final consumer: these are, very briefly, the benefits of the new ECOfree 2.

Possible replacement to

Denim washing using hazardous chemicals.