Zelan™ R3 finish: Non-fluorinated, bio-based, durable water repellent finish


Zelan™ R3 / Teflon EcoElite™ finish is the first renewably sourced, non-fluorinated repellent finish with the following benefits: • Up to three times more durable than original non-fluorinated repellents • Contains 60 percent renewably sourced raw materials (ASTM D6866-12) and is recognized as a USDA certified biobased product • bluesign® approved, meeting the strict ecological and toxicological requirements of the bluesign® criteria • GOTS approved input finishing chemical


The Zelan™ R3 finish is typically applied during the fabric finishing process by padding at loading levels comparable or lower than other typical repellent finishes. Engineered for uninterrupted production process and compatible with commonly used finishing auxiliaries, including wetting agents and extenders. Maintains fabric breathability for maximum comfort. Fabrics treated with Zelan™ R3 finish can be branded Teflon EcoElite™ renewable sourced finish once performance levels are met and a Trademark agreement signed. Zelan™ R3 was assessed by IMOswiss AG, a GOTS Approved Certifier, according to the GOTS v4.0 chemical input criteria and is an approved input finishing chemical for application in the processing of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified textile products.

Possible replacement to

Fluorinated DWR finishes, non-fluorinated finishes which cannot meet performance requirements

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