Highly Effective Chrome-free Corrosion Inhibitor for Coatings


Using our patented and award-winning technology, Hexigone produces safer and smarter, corrosion inhibiting pigment which answers the industry’s search for a functional, highly effective and versatile additive to replace and exceed the performance of hexavalent chromate.

Given REACH legislation banning the use of hexavalent chromate within the UK, Hexigone aims to replace toxic chemicals used in the anti-corrosion market with our disruptive micro/nano reservoir technologies, creating ‘smart’ coatings.

Our additives will enable coatings to protect for longer in an intelligent manner, increasing the lifetime cycle of the end product, reducing the drain on primary resources.


Hexigone Inhibitors is a material and manufacturing process for a smart release coating which outperforms hexavalent chromate by significantly slowing corrosion time.

This is particularly innovative given that the majority of chrome-free alternatives on the market, as well as the ongoing research, look for an iteration of current substitutes: Hexigone, instead, manufactures smart reservoirs that can hold onto chemicals that were previously incompatible with coatings.

This globally unique and patented method involves a stored reservoir of corrosion inhibitor; channeling aggressive electrolyte ions into the coating, triggering the release of the inhibitor 'on demand,' thus preventing corrosion.

The active ingredient prevents filiform corrosion and cathodic disbondment, and has shown to significantly out-perform hexavalent chromate in preventing and delaying the onset of corrosion of metals. 

Ideal for use in primers for coil coated products, the aerospace and automotive industries, and construction/architectural steel.

Practical implementation

Extensive research has been carried out both internally and by independent UKAS-certified labs, using ASTM-recognised tests. This has shown the pigment to significantly out-perform hexavalent chromate in corrosion inhibition (self-healing) and furthermore, it enhances the existing cure of coatings produced by manufacturers. Corrosion inhibitors are commonly used within a wide range of sectors, including: coated steel products used to construct industrial, commercial and other buildings; aerospace and aircraft manufacturing; and the car industry. Hexigone products are exceedingly versatile, complementing both alkaline and acid cures, having shown compatibility with polyurethanes, polyesters and acrylic primer systems as a drop in replacement.

Possible replacement to

Hexavalent Chromate, Chromated additives and zinc phosphates. Poorly performing chrome and zinc-free additives for corrosion inhibition of metals.

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