SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 - Corrosion protection additive


Mixture of organic substances


SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 is used to compensate poor preparation of the substrate and unsatisfactory painting conditions:

  • Manual derusting (residues of rust)
  • Unfavourable weather conditions, e.g. damp surface
  • Careless preparation of the substrate, e.g. traces of grease
  • Difficulties caused by type of construction or location, e.g. rest rust

SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 converts residual rust into a stable and noncorroding iron organic complex and provides long term protection againstcorrosion. SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 ensures good penetration into the residual rust, thus adhesion is promoted.

Possible replacement to

Chromates, Phosphates, Zinc oxides

Bernd Schwegmann GmbH Co. KG
Bernd Schwegmann GmbH Co. KG
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