ANTIGEL® KF-D - Antioxidant with additives in solvent mixture


Multifunctional additive for solvent borne and water-based coating systems, free of ketoxime and aromates, biodegradable

ANTIGEL® KF-D can be used in almost all water-based and solvent borne coating systems.

  • Stabilisation of viscosity against air oxidation
  • Prevention of skinning
  • Improved wetting
  • Prevention of settlement
  • Reduction of dispersing time
  • Reworking of thickened batches
  • Removal of floatation phenomena
  • Promotion of flow and gloss

Possible replacement to

4-tert-butylphenol (CAS 98-54-4) und 2-butanon oxime (CAS 96-29-7)

Bernd Schwegmann GmbH Co. KG
Bernd Schwegmann GmbH Co. KG
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Ralf Neumann

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