Food Gases in MAP such as N2 and CO2


A range of high purity gases and gas-enabled equipment to help you improve your products' yield, quality or shelf life; speed up or slow down your production process; alleviate production bottlenecks and much more.


Full range of gases and solutions :

- Food grade nitrogen : To preserve your food products, chill, freeze, pressurise your packaging, and much more

- Food grade carbon dioxide : To preserve your food products, make your drinks fizzy, freeze, chill, speed up crop growth and much more

- Food grade oxygen : To preserve your food products and boost your fermentation reactions

- Food Grade Argon : To preserve your wine and high-quality products

- Food Grade Gas Mixtures : To dispense your drinks or extend the shelf life of your food products

- Food Grade Nitrous Oxide : To whip your cream

- Food Grade Sulphur Dioxide : To optimise your wine

- Food Grade Hydrogen : To hydrogenate your oils and fats

Possible replacement to

Chemical anti-oxidants in packaged products

Air Products