100% recyclable and coating-free alternative to waterproof breathable textiles


We are developing Amphitex™, 100% recyclable and coating-free alternative to traditional waterproof breathable textiles. 

  • Reduce emissions : Reducing materials' carbon footprint
  • No toxic chemicals : Always free from PFAS and PTFE
  • Recyclable : Mono material solutions for a circular lifestyle
  • Save water :  Waterless dyeing for a minimal freshwater footprint



  • Coating free Amphidry™ Yarn : The Amphidry™ Yarn in the face fabric is inherently superhydrophic and its construction requires no additional water repellent chemical coating to protect it, it really is that simple.
  • PFAS-free membrane : Our new hydrophobic source material, which is not PTFE based, can be made into a highly waterproof and breathable membrane that matches the performance of current industry leaders.
  • 100% recyclable : All the layers within Amphitex™ are made from the same source material to create an innovative mono-material waterproof and breathable system. This means the whole garment and any cut-offs from the manufacturing cycle can be easily recycled together and regenerated into future garments, helping to close the loop on textile waste.

Possible replacement to

Traditional durable water repellant coatings containing PFAS/PFCs

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