Green solvents for industry and bio fuels



Our company Brockley Group is the leading supplier of solvents to industry in Ireland.

We are looking for green alternatives for all the products we supply and are keen to develop long term relationships with producers.

Specifically we require a source of green Methanol for the Irish bio-fuels and pharmaceutical industries.

We would be pleased to hear more about your company and the alternatives you have or are developing.


Our company supplies significant quantities of Methanol and Ethanol to the bio fuel, pharmaceutical and general industry in Ireland.

We wish to offer our customers green alternatives from sustainable sources.

Alternative should replace

Methanol Ethanol

Brockley Group
Brockley Group
Nicky Holmes

Approximate quantity requested: 2,000 tonnes
Approximate timing for implementation: Immediate
Technical Function
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Sector of Use
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Legal requirements, standards and third party labels
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