UNIPERL – Flourine-free water-repellents for textile finishing


UNIPERL® is a range of fluorine-free finishing auxiliary agents that imparts water-repellence, rainproof and aqueous stain-management. These are less harmful, have improved sustainability profiles, and demonstrate outstanding performance.


Key benefits:

  • UNIPERL® has good compatibilities with other textile auxiliaries.
  • UNIPERL® displays low sensitivity to residues on the goods.
  • UNIPERL® has very good wash durability when applied according to application guidelines and dosage.
  • UNIPERL® gives a neutral and soft handle to treated fabrics.
  • UNIPERL® confers to the treated fabrics good spray-test marks according to AATCC 22 and high water contact angles.
  • UNIPERL® imparts surface roughness as well as low surface tension. Therefore, UNIPERL® provides the treated fabrics with self-cleaning & stain-management properties. UNIPERL® is not supplying oil-repellent effects.
  • UNIPERL® complies with GOTS, ZDHC-MRSL and ECO-Passport standards.

Possible replacement to

Fluorinated DWR finishes