Indigo Dyes - DyStar® Indigo Vat 40% Solution


Dystar’s core denim product is Dystar Indigo Vat 40% solution, the cleanest Indigo on the market. This product represents the state-of-the-art in pre-reduced Indigo liquid. It allows cleaner denim production and shows massive positive impact on resource efficiency such as reduction of sodium hydrosulfite usage by 60-70%, much cleaner waste water and less water usage.


It only contains water, indigo and soda for a more pure color. The completely closed storage and feeding system with nitrogen protection and flow control allows easy handling and accurate feeding.

Key features:

  • Cleaner dye house – less dust and odor pollution.
  • Improved resource efficiency: savings in Indigo up to 15% and savings in hydrosulphite / caustic soda  up to 70%.
  • Much cleaner waste water: reduction of major waste water parameters (such as COD, TSS, Sulphates…)
  • More fabric up to standard.
  • Deeper shades possible.

Possible replacement to

Aniline containing Indigo dyes

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Bernhard Knoche

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