ESBO Kalflex-13 - plasticizer


Most flexible PVC compounds and some rigid PVC compounds benefit from adding this kind of plasticizer. Although light and heat stability is improved by adding 2 or 3 phr, the percentage of use can significantly increase because KALFLEX-13 has the same plasticizing efficacy as DOP.


Consequently, it can efficiently substitute it by adjusting some mixture and process parameters in order to compensate its lower activity. Its use includes different kinds of compounds such as PVC, nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber and PVC copolymers, etc. 


  • Approved for Non-toxic formulae. 
  • It gives PVC formulae resilience to the extraction through oil, naphtha and soapy water. 
  • It resists substrate migration like polystyrene and nitrocellulose. 
  • It has low volatility and its use is recommended in anti- fogging formulae for automobile industry. 
  • It does not modify the softening point of rigid compounds.
  • It is an excellent dispersing agent suitable for pigments and sponge agents. 
  • It offers excellent light and heat stability. It gives an ideal effect when combined with Barium-Cadmium and Calcium- Zinc stabilizers. 

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