ChemSec has started a corporate PFAS movement
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ChemSec has started a corporate PFAS movement

ChemSec – the organisation behind Marketplace – has launched a corporate initiative to end the use of PFAS in products and supply chains.

The initiative was announced in February when award-winning actor Mark Ruffalo and director Todd Haynes were in Brussels speaking to the EU Parliament about the true story that inspired their latest Hollywood movie Dark Waters, in which an environmental attorney takes on chemical company DuPont and exposes decades of PFOA pollution.

ChemSec’s corporate PFAS initiative includes:

  • A call on policy makers to regulate PFAS efficiently, without the possibility for manufacturers to simply swap one PFAS chemical for an unregulated “cousin”.
  • A call on the chemical industry to invest in innovation and develop safer alternatives to PFAS for all kinds of products.
  • A recognition that PFAS are a major health and environmental problem.
  • A commitment to end all non-essential PFAS uses in products and supply chains.
  • A call on all other brands to join this commitment and work towards a phase-out of PFAS in all kinds of consumer products.

The first two companies to join ChemSec’s Corporate PFAS Movement were fashion giant H&M and Danish retailer COOP. Soon after, more companies started to show an interest in joining the initiative. Just a week after the initiative had been announced, multinational home improvement company Kingfisher and the European Water Association EurEau signed the commitment.

“It is essential to keep PFAS out of the environment. The only effective way to achieve this is a ban of all non-essential PFAS applications”, Oliver Loebel, Secretary General at EurEau, said at the time.

This week, Stadium – Sweden’s largest sports retailer – as well as cosmetics brand IDUN Minerals decided to heed the call and join the movement.

Now, ChemSec strongly urges other businesses to join this corporate movement to end the use of PFAS in products and supply chains and help create the momentum needed for legislative action on the issue.

Oh, by the way, the Hulk has our back:

ChemSec's Corporate PFAS Movement

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