ECHA is looking for an alternative!
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ECHA is looking for an alternative!

The deadline has passed

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) just posted a request on Marketplace.


One company has submitted an Application for Authorisation to ECHA in order to allow continued use of Trichloroethylene in the extraction process of caprolactam. The legislation states that an authorisation should only be granted if there are no safer alternatives available.

ECHA is therefore reaching out to solution providers here on Marketplace, urging them to submit information about their alternatives.

Before giving their opinion to the European Commission, ECHA opens up for a Public Consultation where the purpose is to gather additional information on possible alternatives. The information submitted will then be taken into account in the development of their opinion.

“We are delighted to have the European Chemicals Agency post requests on Marketplace”

“We are delighted to have the European Chemicals Agency post requests on Marketplace and use the website to gather information about available alternatives. Hopefully, the many solution providers in the Marketplace community can see the business opportunity in providing information about viable alternatives during the Public Consultation, and at the same time contribute to the important authorisation process”, says Jerker Ligthart, Project Manager of Marketplace.

From the request, it is clear that all kinds of alternatives are highly wanted; alternative solvents, process changes and alternative technologies, as well as alternatives that are not yet on the market but under development.

Basically, anything that can lead to the substitution of Trichloroethylene in the production of caprolactam is of interest.

Read ECHA’s request here.