Spray-on corrosion protection for galvanized tubes



Replacement wanted for spray-on corrosion protection containing substances classified as a CMR product by Dutch law (Xylene, CAS#1330-20-7). The spray is to be used on galvanized steel tubes which have been cut to size, where the fresh cut need immediate protection.

Dutch law oblige us to look for alternatives that are healthier.


The galvanized tubes that we receive, sometimes have to be cut to size. To prevent it from rusting at the site of the cut, it is sprayed with a cold galvanizing zinc paint. After spraying the end of the tube we use wheel spray to give it some more galv look like color. The product we are looking for to replace our current system shall not contain any CMR substance like Xylene, CAS#1330-20-7. 

Alternative should replace

Xylene or other CMR substances

GEA Royal de Boer Stalinrichtingen B.V.
GEA Royal de Boer Stalinrichtingen B.V.
Sander Mook

Approximate quantity requested: not desided yet
Approximate timing for implementation: asap
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