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EonCoat CR – Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel

EonCoat CR – Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel

EonCoat CR, permanently protects Carbon Steel from corrosion. A 2-component ceramic coating forms an amorf alloy of phosphate-glass on carbon steel, that's impermeable for oxygen and humidity. Therefore the steel can't corrode. The ceramic shell protects against impact and abrasion.
Biodegradable Loose Fill – FARMfill

Biodegradable Loose Fill – FARMfill

FARMfill is a loose fill that alternates the traditional loose fill produced from expanded polystyrene. This product is made completely from corn and contains no petroleum based ingredients.


Novomer produces and develops Biocyanate™ Isocyanates through a novel route that does not require the use of the environmentally dangerous chemical phosgene. These plant-based renewable isocyanates are organic compounds that contain at least one isocyanate group, a functional group with the formula R-N=C=O.

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