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Seyco Sperse SPW & SPW Conc: Anti-redepostion aid

Seyco Sperse SPW & SPW Conc are industry leading, high performance anti-redeposition agents. 

High IQ® Repel non-Fluorinated Durable Water Repellents

High IQ® Repel is a range of industry leading non-Fluorinated Sustainable Durable Water Repellents which complies with most regional and country legislations such as EU REACH and US TSCA, as well as complying with voluntary schemes such  the requirements of bluesign®, the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Roadmap (ZDHC) and the Restricted Substances Lists of the world’s most exacting global brands in addition to being suitable for OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Puralact® B3 sustainable lactide monomer for coating resins

PURALACT® B3 is a unique, high purity cyclic di-ester monomer based on L-lactide. PURALACT® B3 will undergo a ring opening reaction in the presence of  hydroxyl groups (initiator) and a catalyst, producing a 2° hydroxyl - and acid-group, to be built into resins.


This is a high molecular weight (HMW) biodegradable polymer with attractive mechanical and physical properties that make it suitable for packaging and other thermoplastic applications. This aliphatic polyester is stable, easily transportable and cost-competitive.


Novomer produces and develops Biocyanate™ Isocyanates through a novel route that does not require the use of the environmentally dangerous chemical phosgene. These plant-based renewable isocyanates are organic compounds that contain at least one isocyanate group, a functional group with the formula R-N=C=O.

Polyhydroxides (Polyols)

Bio-replacements for polyesters, flexible and rigid foams, paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and more.

Glacial Acrylic Acid

Bio replacement for propylene-based glacial acrylic acid for polymers, acrylates, resins, plastics, fibers, paints, coatings, adhesives, elastomers and others.

Chrome and Zinc-free Corrosion Inhibitor for Coatings: Highly Effective Drop-In Replacement of Hexavalent Chromate

Using our patented and award-winning technology, Hexigone produces safer and smarter, corrosion inhibiting pigment which answers the industry’s search for a functional, highly effective and versatile additive to replace and exceed the performance of hexavalent chromate.

Given REACH legislation banning the use of hexavalent chromate within the UK, Hexigone aims to replace toxic chemicals used in the anti-corrosion market with our disruptive micro/nano reservoir technologies, creating ‘smart’ coatings.

Our additives will enable coatings to protect for longer in an intelligent manner, increasing the lifetime cycle of the end product, reducing the drain on primary resources.

Cyrene a biobased alternative to NMP, DMF and similar solvents

Cyrene is a bioderived dipolar aprotic solvent and a safe alternative to petrochemical derived solvents such as NMP, DMF and DMAC

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