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Paxymer – halogen free (non-halogenated) flame retardant synergist

Paxymer is a patented, green, synergistic flame retardant technology for polyolefins. Paxymer is compatible with halogen free technologies for polyolefin plastics. Paxymer boost the performance of the halogen free flame retardants - allowing for lower dosage of additive and total FR with maintained burning performance. Paxymer offer cost savings of up to 20% and improvement in mechanical and processing properties.

EonCoat CR – Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel

EonCoat CR, permanently protects Carbon Steel from corrosion. A 2-component ceramic coating forms an amorf alloy of phosphate-glass on carbon steel, that's impermeable for oxygen and humidity. Therefore the steel can't corrode. The ceramic shell protects against impact and abrasion.

Natural, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Dyeing

Natural Dyeing of Fibres, Yarns & Fabrics and creating Garments using styles like Batik, Shibori, Weaving, Embroidery, etc.

True non-phthalate plasticizer for close to human use: Pevalen™

Pevalen™ is a true non-phthalate plasticizer with uncompromising performance. It is the perfect choice for sensitive applications, such as products in direct human contact, e.g. toys and childcare products, apparel and accessories, sports & leisure products, automotive interiors or other indoor applications such as floors or wall coverings in homes and public spaces.

Pevalen™ (chemical name pentaerythritol tetravalerate or PETV) has a unique performance not matched by any other plasticizer product with high plasticizing efficiency in combination with low migration and volatility. The unique combination of properties and its total-cost efficiency makes it a versatile and often superior plasticizer for both suspension and emulsion applications such as molded parts, films & sheets, coated fabrics - including artificial leather and other plastisol applications.

Puralact® B3 sustainable lactide monomer for coating resins

PURALACT® B3 is a unique, high purity cyclic di-ester monomer based on L-lactide. PURALACT® B3 will undergo a ring opening reaction in the presence of  hydroxyl groups (initiator) and a catalyst, producing a 2° hydroxyl - and acid-group, to be built into resins.

Biodegradable Loose Fill – FARMfill

FARMfill is a loose fill that alternates the traditional loose fill produced from expanded polystyrene. This product is made completely from corn and contains no petroleum based ingredients.


Novomer produces and develops Biocyanate™ Isocyanates through a novel route that does not require the use of the environmentally dangerous chemical phosgene. These plant-based renewable isocyanates are organic compounds that contain at least one isocyanate group, a functional group with the formula R-N=C=O.

Glacial Acrylic Acid

Bio replacement for propylene-based glacial acrylic acid for polymers, acrylates, resins, plastics, fibers, paints, coatings, adhesives, elastomers and others.

Advanced Microbial Products

A multi-strain blend of micro-organisms, enzymes and propriety ingredients developed as a cost effective, ready to use treatment for effluent, municipal (sewage) and industrial water.

The bacterial strains (bacillus & pseudomonas) and fungi selected produce a wide range of extra-cellular hydrolytic enzymes that aid in bio-augmentation and remediation processes.

Chrome and Zinc-free Corrosion Inhibitor for Coatings: Highly Effective Drop-In Replacement of Hexavalent Chromate

Using our patented and award-winning technology, Hexigone produces safer and smarter, corrosion inhibiting pigment which answers the industry’s search for a functional, highly effective and versatile additive to replace and exceed the performance of hexavalent chromate.

Given REACH legislation banning the use of hexavalent chromate within the UK, Hexigone aims to replace toxic chemicals used in the anti-corrosion market with our disruptive micro/nano reservoir technologies, creating ‘smart’ coatings.

Our additives will enable coatings to protect for longer in an intelligent manner, increasing the lifetime cycle of the end product, reducing the drain on primary resources.

ANTIGEL® KF-D - Antioxidant with additives in solvent mixture

Multifunctional additive for solvent borne and water-based coating systems, free of ketoxime and aromates, biodegradable

ANTIGEL® KF-D can be used in almost all water-based and solvent borne coating systems.