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NatSurFact All Natural BioSurfactant

NatSurFact All Natural BioSurfactant

NatSurFact™ is a novel, sulfate- and phosphate-free line of biosurfactants that outperforms petroleum-based conventional surfactants in a variety of commercial applications.  All natural, with low eco-toxicity, low irritation, and readily biodegradable, NatSurFact™ is based on biosynthesized rhamnolipids. With orders of magnitude lower critical micelle concentrations than industry standard ingredients, NatSurFact™ is a more cost-effective ingredient for industries ranging from personal care and household cleaners to agriculture and manufacturing.

Puralact® B3  sustainable lactide monomer for coating resins

Puralact® B3 sustainable lactide monomer for coating resins

PURALACT® B3 is a unique, high purity cyclic di-ester monomer based on L-lactide. PURALACT® B3 will undergo a ring opening reaction in the presence of  hydroxyl groups (initiator) and a catalyst, producing a 2° hydroxyl - and acid-group, to be built into resins.

Food Gases in MAP such as N2 and CO2

Food Gases in MAP such as N2 and CO2

A range of high purity gases and gas-enabled equipment to help you improve your products' yield, quality or shelf life; speed up or slow down your production process; alleviate production bottlenecks and much more.

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