FireEx® C-Marine firefighting foam concentrate


FireEx® C-Marine is a highly effective and highly concentrated gel foam extinguishing agent for use in all class A, B and C fires (*** for class C "gaseous substances" fires, it is essential to stop / interrupt the gas supply prior to extinguishing - otherwise there is the highest risk of explosion and mortal danger, especially in the case of inflammation of the gas). FireEx® C-Marine offers extremely high safety for emergency personnel, especially in the case of liquid fires and plastic fires, and offers very short extinguishing times. FireEx® C-Marine reduces extinguishing water consumption to a minimum. FireEx® C-Marine is IMO/MED  (Marine Equipment Directive) approved.


The products of Prevent Tec are 100% free of harmful heavy metals and without the addition of harmful fluorinated surfactants (such as AFFF, PFOS, POA or similar). The tops and packing are made out of recycled material.


  • Liquid gel-foaming agent concentrate for fire class A and B
  • Suitable for low-/medium-/high expansion foam and CAFS-compressed air foam 0,1 – 0,5%
  • Extinguishing level - IMO MSC 1312
  • No use of fluorosurfactant ( AFFF, FFFP, PFOA or PFOS), silicate-, phoshate- and butyldiglycol
  • PH - Neutral (PH 7 ± 1)
  • Non corrosive, does not contain any anticatalysts
  • Simply clean with clear water after use
  • No draining of extinguishing material into ground or sewage system
  • No escaping of contaminants from the burning material
  • Remains on the burning material and can be deposed together with it
  • High foam stability and water half-value time
  • Long lasting and high water content in each single foam bubble
  • Adhesion to smooth surfaces and protects against radiant heat
  • Preventive application e.g. to suppress emissions
  • Can be used with the existing mixing equipment of fire brigades
  • No additional hazardous material in the extinguishing agent, raw material as per (WRMG)*

Possible replacement to

Fluorosurfactants, silicate, phoshate and butylglycol.

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