iCareTM Heavy Metal Free PET Fibers


Global awareness of the potential dangers in consumer products is increasing. iCareTM Heavy Metal Free PET Fibers are available as filament yarns, polyester chips and staple fibers. iCareTM PET is compliant with the Toxic-Free Future Initiatives and has diverse applications. The  iCareTM products fulfill the requirements under REACH SVHC.


Available in polyester chips,staple fiber and filament yarns and suitable for many different applications, such as:

  • apparel and home textiles baby strollers, 
  • carriers and car seat interiors personal care, 
  • well-being and medical applications toys, 
  • food packaging

Possible replacement to

Heavy-metal containing PET fibers, Standard PET Fibers, Filament Yarns and Chips

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Indorama Ventures
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Sasinotai Rochanutama

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287Q-TG00000047 HMF (Rev01).pdf
287Q-TG00000048 HMF(Rev.02).pdf
190715 MSDS-Polyester Staple Fiber (Rev. 02).pdf

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