d2c® - Bio-based compostable resin


d2c® a polymer derived from bio-based materials and fully synthesized materials that meets the Compostability Standards. Composting is an artificial process with a much shorter timescale than natural biodegradation (usually in an industrial composting facility).

Suitable for different applications such as shopping bags, bread bags, lamination processing and coating paper. 

Certified for the use of 'OK Home Compost' and 'OK Compost' conformity marks issued by AIB-VINCOTTE International.

Conforms to the following standards:

ASTM D6400 (international)

EN 13432 (EU)

AS 4376 (Australia)

NF T 51-800/2015 (France)


Key benefits:

  • High tensile, elasticity strength & stiffness
  • Great transparency
  • High melt strength
  • Good processability on film blowing lines
  • Printable in different colours
  • Wide variety of applications

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