XYLOCOL-NT Tamarind based Hair & Skin Conditioner


XYLOCOL-NT  is a Non-ionic biopolymer based on TamarindusIndica Seed Polysaccharide and can be used in Hair care & Skin care formulations. It is a sustainable EO/PO & Quaternrary ammoinum compound free product


XYLOCOL-NT  differentiates itself from the market by being a novel polymer system. The patented reaction pathway doesn’t utilise Ethylene Oxide or propylene oxide as well as Quaternary ammonium compound. These reagents are known to have very high environmental & human toxicity.

XYLOCOL-NT is a Non-Ionic polymeric system. It exhibits high nitrogen content without using Quaternary ammonium compound, which represents itself as another big advantage for systems which require a cationic charge for performance.

The polymer is therefore highly sustainable, biodegradable and passes the stringent OECD guidelines which are generally difficult to comply with.

Possible replacement to

Polyquaternium-10 CAS Number 81859-24-7 / 53568-66-4 / 54351-50-7 / 55353-19-0 / 68610-92-4 / 81859-24-7 2. Cationic Guar Gum, CAS:65497-29-2

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SCHUTZEN Chemical group
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