X-Fog: more effective fire extinguishing - also suitable for wood and textiles


X-Fog is for Industry and Fire & Rescue Services for Class A fires

X-Fog is suitable for all types of water spray, low pressure, pressurized low-pressure and high pressure.

X-Fog can be injected or mixed directly into the tank Experiments have shown that X-Fog has a better extinguishing efficiency and a considerably better re-ignition protection.

X-Fog optimizes sprinkler systems.


Four ways of using X-Fog

1. Cooling fire gases

2. Extinguish the initial fire

3. Prevent re-ignition

4. Impregnate not burning materials (Save neighborings buildings)


X-Fog is an inorganic, water-based fluid that provides the unique fire protection.

EC 50 tested (2015) bacterial in Water. (see also attached documentation) 

Seawater 21% 

Lakewater 41% 


Developed for fire extinguishing and fire protection of wood Bs1 d0 and textiles. It is an environmental neutral product. (ph, 7,5) It is a non-toxic water based liquid. Does not contain surfactants and fluorine surfactants.