TripleHard – REACH compliant hard chrome is the best in the market

  • TripleHard is the best-performing hard chrome coating in the market.
  • It only contains REACH compliant chemicals.
  • TripleHard has been industrially proven already for 4 years in a variety of applications.
  • Can be applied in an existing chrome plating line.


TripleHard chrome coating performance has been proven by successful application of the coating in industrial plating processes for over 2 years, in applications such as: hydraulic cylinders, valves, shock absorbers, engine parts, pumps, tools and wear parts.

Industrial chrome plating companies and end users are searching alternatives to conventional hexavalent-based hard chrome, because hexavalent chrome plating process contains toxic chromic acids harmful to the envinroment and people working in the process.

TripleHard coating contains REACH compliant chemicals only and is therefore not only a tough, but also a safe alternative for hexavalent chrome and with a better technical performance

Possible replacement to

Hexavalent chrome


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TripleHard Safety Sheet.pdf

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