Thermoplastics pellets based on milk protein and bioplastic films


Lactips produces water soluble and biodegradable thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein. Plastic transformation is realised through their secret industrial process.


Lactips are able to provide our pellets fast and with high volume. Those pellets will be used by Lactips clients as a raw material for thermoforming, films, or any kind of plastic applications. Lactips first mission, correlated with Lactips fundamental values, is to provide industrial clients with new disruptive innovations to help them entering new markets. Lactips product will be a cleaner alternative to oil-based products, more efficient and  sustainable for consumers and the environment.

At Lactips, they are developing a biosourced material which will enable you to overcome your new challenges. Lactips bioplastic film is totally biodegradable within 18 days and can be used as home compost.

Possible replacement to

Oil-based products.