SpinDye®-coloring method: the new industry standard for coloring fabrics


The SpinDye®-coloring method has the ability to determine any shade and nuance of color available on earth.

By adding the pigment to the spinning solution, prior to extrusion, the pigment becomes a homogenous part of the fiber. The dirty and environmentally hazardous process of dyeing is eliminated from the production process.

Excellent colorfastness that withstands sunlight, laundry detergent, abrasion, and even bleach. Perfect color consistency and zero deviations between batches.


The SpinDye®-coloring method focuses primarily on working with polyester and recycled polyester. A trailblazing and sustainable technique, soon to be the new industry standard.

Since the color is mixed in with the material at the very beginning of the process, the durability and fastness of the fabric is vastly superior to that of traditional textiles.

An important fact to note is that all of the fabrics are made from one single source of yarn and thread, which means exceptional resource efficiency and very little waste, every inch of material is used in the process. The exact science of the SpinDye®-color system rules out the need for trial & error, guaranteeing perfect results every time.

  • 75% less water consumption during the entire coloring process
  • 90% less chemical consumption
  • Significantly improved energy consumption (30-40%)
  • CO2 imprint reduced by 30%
  • Uncomplicated set up of closed loop system with recycled and recyclable polyester
  • Precise production procedures means less errors, less waste and less uncertainty. We call this way of working: “liberatingly precise”
  • Excellent color fastness – longer lifetime – enhanced garment performance

Possible replacement to

Toxic water dyeing methods.

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spindye 1.jpg
We aRe SpinDye®
We aRe SpinDye®
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