TUBINGAL RISE – Recycled Innovative Silicone Emulsion


TUBINGAL RISE is a textile softener made of recycled silicone and renewable bio-based emulsifiers. It is the first softener developed for the circular economy with „make-use-reuse“ concept. Post-consumed silicone products are collected, recycled back to their purity and subsequently further processed to TUBINGAL RISE. Besides recycled silicone, CHT additionally focused on using renewable bio-based emulsifiers.

TUBINGAL RISE is suitable for all kind of fibres but especially, in the context of circular economy, it is virtually predestinated for finishing of recycled fibres e.g. rPES or rCO.  


Key Features:

  • Made of recycled silicone and renewable biobased emulsifiers
  • Suitable for all kind of fibres, but virtually predestianted for recycled fibres e.g. rPES or rCO
  • Soft and flowing handle with an excellent core softness
  • Improvement of sewability
  • Bluesign approved
  • GOTS approved

CHT Group
CHT Group
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