TRIDENT - 100% ecological firefighter agent (A,B,C,D and F)

  • TRIDENT is 100% ecological agent against all types of fires, composed of only 3 plants
  • It is mixed from 0,2% to 3% with fresh water, sea water or antifreeze
  • It treats all types of fires A, B, C, D and F

  • Product description: Aqueous product made from surfactants and a disbasic alcohol
  • Composition on the concentrate (in weight): water contect 80% and 20% surfactants
  • product characteristics advantages: very high cooling effect, reduction of surface tension, stable foam carpet, reaction with free radicals
  • TRIDENT is particularly suitable, for example, for wood, rubber tires, paper, hay, straw, carbon, fiberglass, non-polar solvents, lithium batteries, solar panels, magnesium etc.
  • TRIDENT must not be mixed with other products
  • Storage: TRIDENT can be storage in closed original containers for 10 years. Stogare temperature -10 to 50 C, high temperature up to 50 C affect the effectivness as little as temporary freezing
  • TRIDENT product specifications: water hazard class - 1, PH value - 7,3 ,biodegradability - lightweight and fast biodegradable. The biodegradability according to OECD 301 F results in a degradation rate of about 95.6% after 28 days; suface tension mN7m: ca.20, density: 1,01-1,05 (bei 20 C), solubility in water at 20 C: comletely, frost point: - 10 C, frost damage: no, lowest operating temperature: + 5 C, color: amber, smell: neutral
  • special instructions: If TRIDENT is used  as intended, no health impairments are to be expected.

Possible replacement to

It is replacement to ALL current firefighting foams and agents, to all per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in fire-fighting foams, following is replacement to: PFAS, AFFF, PFOS, PFOA, C9-C14 PFCA, PFHxA, PFHxS, FFFP, FP, LC PFCA

Trident Canister 1000litara + hidrantni sistem.PNG