Sustainable dyes made from bacteria


Vienna Textile Lab fabricates organic colors made from naturally occurring bacteria in order to provide the most sustainable, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional synthetic colors. The dyes will be sold to dye houses, chemical companies, the fashion industry and product designers. Bacterial dyes fill a gap, since neither animal or plant-based dyes can compete with synthetic dyes.


The bacteria occur in various places around nature, for example they can be found in the air, soil or in water. Vienna Textile Lab collects these bacteria, grow them in large quantities and optimise their colour production. The colours can be applied to all type of fibers, yarns, textiles and fabrics. The bacteria can be stored as stems in laboratories and then multiplied at anytime. There is also a huge positive climate impact because there is almost no CO2 emission during the whole production process.

Key Features:

  • Non-hazardous dyes.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to conventional synthetic colors.
  • The dyes are based on 100% biological material.
  • Almost no CO2 emission during the production process.

Possible replacement to:

Conventional synthetic dyes.

Vienna Textile Lab
Alternative type: Alternative material
Technical Function: Dye
Sector of Use: SU05 - Manufacture of textiles, leather, fur
Material Article Category: AC05 - Fabrics, textiles and apparel

Market status of Alternative: Under Development and/or pilot customer wanted

Company name: Vienna Textile Lab
Company website:
Contact name: Karin Fleck


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