Surfactants for Cleaning of Greasy and Oily Soils


Stepan Company offers several surfactants that have been reviewed and approved under the surfactant screen of the U.S. EPA Safer Choice Standard and listed on the CleanGredients online database, that clean greasy and oily soils. These surfactants are primarily used to formulate household, institutional, and industrial cleaning products, and serve as a starting point for the formulator when selecting environmentally favorable ingredients.


Surfactants that offer cleaning of greasy and oily soils also provide several benefits:

  • Viscosity Boosting.
  • Foam Boosting.
  • Available with a wide range of HLBs (Hydrophilic Lipophilic Balance) and Cloud Points.

Looking for a fast wetting, easy-to-handle surfactant? Check out MAKON® DA-6.

Or a high foaming surfactant that is great for high-temperature cleaning? Check out BIO-SOFT® N91-8. 

Explore the other surfactants under Documents to the right.

Possible replacement to

Hazardous surfactants in cleaning products.

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oven grease_554x384.jpg
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